Question: What method of Payment do you prefer?

Answer: Payment may be by personal check, Visa, or MasterCard.

Question: Will this workshop provide credit towards BCIA-EEG certification?

Answer: Each Day provides 8 hours towards certification in BCIA-EEG biofeedback.

Question: What kind of professionals have you trained in the past?

Answer: Since 1979, we have trained over 1500, general practice physicians, neurologists, pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals. We were first group to develop and publish research on neurofeedback for attention/deficient-hyperactivity disorders.

Question: Where else have we provided workshops and training programs?

Answer: We have been providing workshops and training programs throughout North America , South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Joel F. Lubar Ph.D.
BCIA-EEG Senior Fellow
QEEG Dipolmate






Established 1979 by Joel F. Lubar Ph.D., BCIA -EEG
Certified Senior Fellow, QEEG Dipolmate.


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