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Upcoming Workshop!


Brainfeedback Training Institute and DEYMED CORPORATION

Date: January 21-23, 2011

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Comfort Inn Oceanside, Deerfield Beach, Flordia
Who: Joel F. Lubar PH.D. and Steven Stockdale PH.D.

For More Detailed Information,

QEEG Consultation, Analysis and Training

Southeastern Biofeedback Institute was established in 1979 by Joel F. Lubar Ph.D., BCIA-EEG Senior Fellow, QEEG Diplomate and Judith O. Lubar MA., MS., LCSW-BCD., BCIA-EEG Senior Fellow.

We provide professional training in QEEG analysis and neurofeedback. We engage in research and advise professionals on designing research in EEG biofeedback. We provide up to 36 hours of BCIA-EEG Certification Training.

I have trained physicians, psychologists, and many other health care providers for more than 30 years. My services include how to perform QEEGs, recognize and remove artifact, remontaging and use LORETA techniques in order to develop neurofeedback protocols for all applications where there is evidence that neurofeedback interventions can significantly improve each patient’s outcome. Examples are ADD/HD, seizures, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, ODD, PTSD, addictive disorders , autistic spectrum and others. My approach is tutorial so that we work together step by step until you can fully understand the intricacies of QEEG analysis and the logic involved in developing effective training protocols. We follow the progress of your cases in order to maximize their success in neurofeedback alone or in combination with other techniques.

I use Neuroguide for QEEG and both Neuroguide and Eureka for LORETA. Consultations are by phone. For some professionals I receive their raw data files and perform the analyses, for others they do the QEEG analyses and I help them interpret the data and develop their training protocols.

Long term 10 year follow-up data has been published showing strong positive effects of our treatment employing neurofeedback for attention enhancement.

Please contact me in person or by phone to discuss your individualized needs and cost.

Joel F. Lubar Ph.D.
BCIA-EEG Senior Fellow
QEEG Dipolmate

Phone: 865-384-3393
Phone/Fax: 954-946-9969

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