Judith O. Lubar

Judith Lubar has been working in the fields of Neurofeedback, family and individual therapy with children, adolescents and adults who experience ADD/HD for the past 23 years. She has presented professional papers and workshops on these topics in the USA, Germany, Venezuela, Canada, Puerto Rico, Israel, Australia and Europe.

Her specialty is combining therapeutic concepts with EEG biofeedback into a clinical methodology in which each of the elements enriches the other. Mrs. Lubar has been a member of the Association for Applied Psycho physiology and Biofeedback (AAPB) and the past President of the Biofeedback Society of Tennessee. She is formerly president of the South American Chapter of the AAPB, and was Secretary of the Society for Neuronal Regulation (SNR). She is currently a member of the AAPB Board.

Judith Lubar has been presenting individualized tutorial training workshops for individuals, health care organizations and private practices in both general biofeedback, and the specialty area of EEG neurofeedback since the late 1970's. She has worked with both private and public schools in facilitating the integration of neurofeedback for ADD/HD with cirricula.

Joel F. Lubar Ph.D.
BCIA-EEG Senior Fellow
QEEG Dipolmate

Email: jlubar@utk.edu





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